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Subcontractors, we want your Help!

Cornerstone Life Construction takes a unique approach to our projects, working with a hybrid of subcontractors and in-house employees.

Our hybrid model of hiring both expert subcontractors and in-house employees optimizes the experience for our customers, making it more cost effective and helps get projects turned around faster.

If you’re a subcontractor, fill out the form below. If you’re a home owner looking for help with a project, fill out our separate contact form here.

We care for our partners

As a subcontractor, do the following sound familiar?

  • Unclear expectations on the nature of your work
  • Working with contractors that don’t communicate well
  • Not having a contract that protects you before issues arise on a job
  • Unclear how and what you’ll be paid for your work
  • Having multiple unproductive site visits
  • Complicated bidding process

Partner with Cornerstone Life Construction and say goodbye to these issues. We eliminate stress and confusion by managing each client job workflow to ensure you know the exact expectations for your work.


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subcontractor with toolbelt standing along exterior wall

We need skilled workers like you!

Cornerstone Life Construction’s job process system helps alleviate stress and uncertainty for our subcontractors. We streamline our bidding processes with customers through phone calls, photos, and videos to reduce site visits, efficiently getting our partners to projects with clear expectations.

We partner with subcontractors from many different trades:

  • Tile Work
  • Drywall
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Millwork (windows and doors)
  • Deck Building
  • Welding

If any of those roles describe you, fill out the form below!


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Here’s What Our Current Subcontractors Say…

As a sub, the feeling you get after a finished project is positively unique. Subcontractors in your area are now enjoying their homes more than ever, and you can be one of them. Read what they say about working with us.


We love our bay window! It was custom-built by Justin himself,the owner of Cornerstone Life Construction.

Justin cares about quality and aesthetics and his pricing is very fair. He is understanding and respectful. He even took time to answer my questions and address my concerns. Thank you, Cornerstone Life Construction!

Bambi Grinder


We could not be more pleased with Cornerstone’s work in our home. 

The owner went above and beyond with our remodel. With the price, service, and end result we will definitely use these guys in the future. I will recommend them to our friends and family.

Amy Sisco


I would recommend Cornerstone Life Construction to anyone.

The owner works with great integrity and he is very kind. His work is outstanding and is completed in record time.

Kim Michelsen